Performance Schema socket_instances Table

MariaDB starting with 10.0

The socket_instances table, along with many other new Performance Schema tables, was added in MariaDB 10.0.

The socket_instances table lists active server connections, with each record being a Unix socket file or TCP/IP connection.

The socket_instances table contains the following columns:

Column Description
EVENT_NAME NAME from the setup_instruments table, and the name of the wait/io/socket/* instrument that produced the event.
OBJECT_INSTANCE_BEGIN Memory address of the object.
THREAD_ID Thread identifier that the server assigns to each socket.
SOCKET_ID The socket's internal file handle.
IP Client IP address. Blank for Unix socket file, otherwise an IPv4 or IPv6 address. Together with the PORT identifies the connection.
PORT TCP/IP port number, from 0 to 65535. Together with the IP identifies the connection.
STATE Socket status, either IDLE if waiting to receive a request from a client, or ACTIVE
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