Troubleshooting Installation Issues

Articles relating to installation issues users might run into.

Title Description
Installation issues on Windows Issues people have encountered when installing MariaDB on Windows
Troubleshooting MariaDB Installs on Red Hat/CentOS Issues people have encountered when installing MariaDB on Red Hat / CentOS
Installation issues on Debian and Ubuntu Solutions to different installation issues on Debian and Ubuntu
What to Do if MariaDB Doesn't Start Troubleshooting MariaDB when it fails to start.
Installing on an Old Linux Version Typical errors from using an incompatible MariaDB binary on a linux system
Error: symbol mysql_get_server_name, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined Error from using MariaDB's mysql command-line client with MySQL's libmysqlclient.so
Installation Issues with PHP5 PHP5 may give an error if used with the old connect method
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