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The Application provides hooks for organizing and initiating other elements and a view tree.

Application includes:

In addition to MnObject's API, Application provides two significant additions. A simple lifecycle hook with start and a single region for attaching a view tree.

One additional difference is the Application cidPrefix is mna.

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Instantiating an Application

When instantiating a Application there are several properties, if passed, that will be attached directly to the instance: channelName, radioEvents, radioRequests, region, regionClass

import { Application } from 'backbone.marionette';

const myApplication = new Application({ ... });

Starting An Application

Once you have your application configured, you can kick everything off by calling: myApp.start(options).

This function takes a single optional argument to pass along to the events.

import Bb from 'backbone';
import { Application } from 'backbone.marionette';

const MyApp = Application.extend({
  region: '#root-element',

  initialize(options) {

  onBeforeStart(app, options) {
    this.model = new MyModel(options.data);

  onStart(app, options) {
    this.showView(new MyView({model: this.model}));

const myApp = new MyApp();

  data: {
    id: 1,
    text: 'value'

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Application Region

An Application provides a single region for attaching a view tree. The region property can be defined in multiple ways

import { Application } from 'backbone.marionette';
import RootView from './views/root';

const MyApp = Application.extend({
  region: '#root-element',

  onStart() {
    this.showView(new RootView());

const myApp = new MyApp();

Live example

This will immediately render RootView and fire the usual triggers such as before:attach and attach in addition to the before:render and render triggers.

region can also be passed as an option during instantiation.


By default the Region is used to instantiate the Application's region. An extended Region can be provided to the Application definition to override the default.

import { Application, Region } from 'backbone.marionette';

const MyRegion = Region.extend({
  isSpecial: true

const MyApp = Application.extend({
  regionClass: MyRegion

const myApp = new Application({ region: '#foo' });

myApp.getRegion().isSpecial; // true

regionClass can also be passed as an option during instantiation.

Application Region Methods

The Marionette Application provides helper methods for managing its attached region.


Return the attached region object for the Application.


Display a View instance in the region attached to the Application. This runs the View lifecycle.


Return the view currently being displayed in the Application's attached region. If the Application is not currently displaying a view, this method returns undefined.

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