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class matplotlib.axes.SubplotBase(fig, *args, **kwargs) [source]

Bases: object

Base class for subplots, which are Axes instances with additional methods to facilitate generating and manipulating a set of Axes within a figure.

fig is a matplotlib.figure.Figure instance.

args is the tuple (numRows, numCols, plotNum), where the array of subplots in the figure has dimensions numRows, numCols, and where plotNum is the number of the subplot being created. plotNum starts at 1 in the upper left corner and increases to the right.

If numRows <= numCols <= plotNum < 10, args can be the decimal integer numRows * 100 + numCols * 10 + plotNum.

change_geometry(self, numrows, numcols, num) [source]

change subplot geometry, e.g., from 1,1,1 to 2,2,3

get_geometry(self) [source]

get the subplot geometry, e.g., 2,2,3

get_gridspec(self) [source]

get the GridSpec instance associated with the subplot

get_subplotspec(self) [source]

get the SubplotSpec instance associated with the subplot

is_first_col(self) [source]
is_first_row(self) [source]
is_last_col(self) [source]
is_last_row(self) [source]
label_outer(self) [source]

Only show "outer" labels and tick labels.

x-labels are only kept for subplots on the last row; y-labels only for subplots on the first column.

set_subplotspec(self, subplotspec) [source]

set the SubplotSpec instance associated with the subplot

update_params(self) [source]

update the subplot position from fig.subplotpars

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