/Matplotlib 3.1


A collection of functions and objects for creating or placing inset axes.


AnchoredLocatorBase(bbox_to_anchor, ...[, ...])
AnchoredSizeLocator(bbox_to_anchor, x_size, ...)
AnchoredZoomLocator(parent_axes, zoom, loc)
BboxConnector(bbox1, bbox2, loc1[, loc2]) Connect two bboxes with a straight line.
BboxConnectorPatch(bbox1, bbox2, loc1a, ...) Connect two bboxes with a quadrilateral.
BboxPatch(bbox, **kwargs) Patch showing the shape bounded by a Bbox.
InsetPosition(parent, lbwh) An object for positioning an inset axes.


inset_axes(parent_axes, width, height[, ...]) Create an inset axes with a given width and height.
mark_inset(parent_axes, inset_axes, loc1, ...) Draw a box to mark the location of an area represented by an inset axes.
zoomed_inset_axes(parent_axes, zoom[, loc, ...]) Create an anchored inset axes by scaling a parent axes.

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