API naming design

The API is designed to be easy to use and consistent. Ease of use is measured by the number of calls to achieve a concrete high level action.

Naming scheme

The library uses a simple naming scheme that makes use of common abbreviations to keep the names short but meaningful. Since version 0.8.2 many symbols have been renamed to fit this scheme. The ultimate goal is that the programmer can guess a name.

English word To use Notes
initialize initT init is used to create a value type T
new newP new is used to create a reference type P
find find should return the position where something was found; for a bool result use contains
contains contains often short for find() >= 0
append add use add instead of append
compare cmp should return an int with the < 0 == 0 or > 0 semantics; for a bool result use sameXYZ
put put, []= consider overloading []= for put
get get, [] consider overloading [] for get; consider to not use get as a prefix: len instead of getLen
length len also used for number of elements
size size, len size should refer to a byte size
capacity cap
memory mem implies a low-level operation
items items default iterator over a collection
pairs pairs iterator over (key, value) pairs
delete delete, del del is supposed to be faster than delete, because it does not keep the order; delete keeps the order
remove delete, del inconsistent right now
include incl
exclude excl
command cmd
execute exec
environment env
variable var
value value, val val is preferred, inconsistent right now
executable exe
directory dir
path path path is the string "/usr/bin" (for example), dir is the content of "/usr/bin"; inconsistent right now
extension ext
separator sep
column col, column col is preferred, inconsistent right now
application app
configuration cfg
message msg
argument arg
object obj
parameter param
operator opr
procedure proc
function func
coordinate coord
rectangle rect
point point
symbol sym
literal lit
string str
identifier ident
indentation indent

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