class Nokogiri::XML::AttributeDecl


Represents an attribute declaration in a DTD

Public Instance Methods

attribute_type Show source
static VALUE attribute_type(VALUE self)
  xmlAttributePtr node;
  Data_Get_Struct(self, xmlAttribute, node);
  return INT2NUM((long)node->atype);

The attribute_type for this AttributeDecl

default Show source
static VALUE default_value(VALUE self)
  xmlAttributePtr node;
  Data_Get_Struct(self, xmlAttribute, node);

  if(node->defaultValue) return NOKOGIRI_STR_NEW2(node->defaultValue);
  return Qnil;

The default value

enumeration Show source
static VALUE enumeration(VALUE self)
  xmlAttributePtr node;
  xmlEnumerationPtr enm;
  VALUE list;

  Data_Get_Struct(self, xmlAttribute, node);

  list = rb_ary_new();
  enm = node->tree;

  while(enm) {
    rb_ary_push(list, NOKOGIRI_STR_NEW2(enm->name));
    enm = enm->next;

  return list;

An enumeration of possible values

inspect() Show source
# File lib/nokogiri/xml/attribute_decl.rb, line 13
def inspect
  "#<#{self.class.name}:#{sprintf("0x%x", object_id)} #{to_s.inspect}>"

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