npmjs.com has been updated. There are now new profile settings you can enable from the website, or, you can use the command line interface if you prefer.

Setting up Your Profile from the Web

To set up your profile on npmjs.com, login.

Choose Profile Settings from the Avatar menu. The profile page appears.

Starting from this page, you can:

  • Change your avatar (the icon that represents you)
  • Add a GitHub user name
  • Add a Twitter user name
  • Change the email that appears with packages
  • Change your password
  • Apply or revoke two-factor-authentication
  • View Packages

Resetting your password from the web

When you reset your password from the website, it must:

How to Change Profile Settings from the CLI

Requires npm version 5.5.1 or greater.

To view and set profile properties from the Command Line Interface (CLI), use these commands:

npm profile get
npm profile set <prop> <value>

Viewing & Setting Profile Values

To see your current profile settings, type:

npm profile get

npm displays your profile settings in a table:

You can set or modify the following profile properties from the command line:

  • email
  • password
  • two factor auth
  • fullname
  • homepage
  • freenode
  • twitter
  • github

How to Set a Password from the Command Line

To set a password, type:

npm profile set password

npm will prompt you for your current password, then you can set the new password.

When you reset your password from the CLI, it must:

How to Set Other Profile Properties

To set other values, append them to the end of the line as shown:

$npm profile set fullname nori pat marsupial

npm will prompt for credentials, including a one-time-password if you have enabled two-factor authentication. npm will then confirm that the change has occurred:

Set fullname to nori pat marsupial

Enabling and Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication if you would like to make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to your account and your publishing rights.

You can enable and disable two-factor authentication from the command line, or from the web, using the steps described here.


Please refer to the command line documentation for more details and examples.

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