/NumPy 1.17


numpy.copyto(dst, src, casting='same_kind', where=True)

Copies values from one array to another, broadcasting as necessary.

Raises a TypeError if the casting rule is violated, and if where is provided, it selects which elements to copy.

New in version 1.7.0.

dst : ndarray

The array into which values are copied.

src : array_like

The array from which values are copied.

casting : {‘no’, ‘equiv’, ‘safe’, ‘same_kind’, ‘unsafe’}, optional

Controls what kind of data casting may occur when copying.

  • ‘no’ means the data types should not be cast at all.
  • ‘equiv’ means only byte-order changes are allowed.
  • ‘safe’ means only casts which can preserve values are allowed.
  • ‘same_kind’ means only safe casts or casts within a kind, like float64 to float32, are allowed.
  • ‘unsafe’ means any data conversions may be done.
where : array_like of bool, optional

A boolean array which is broadcasted to match the dimensions of dst, and selects elements to copy from src to dst wherever it contains the value True.

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