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Class UTFDataFormatException

All Implemented Interfaces:
public class UTFDataFormatException
extends IOException

Signals that a malformed string in modified UTF-8 format has been read in a data input stream or by any class that implements the data input interface. See the DataInput class description for the format in which modified UTF-8 strings are read and written.

See Also:
DataInput, DataInputStream.readUTF(java.io.DataInput), IOException, Serialized Form



public UTFDataFormatException()

Constructs a UTFDataFormatException with null as its error detail message.


public UTFDataFormatException(String s)

Constructs a UTFDataFormatException with the specified detail message. The string s can be retrieved later by the Throwable.getMessage() method of class java.lang.Throwable.

s - the detail message.


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