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Class ActivityCompletedException

All Implemented Interfaces:
public class ActivityCompletedException
extends RemoteException

This exception may be thrown on any method for which Activity context is accessed and indicates that ongoing work within the Activity is not possible. This may be because the Activity has been instructed to complete with CompletionStatusFailOnly or has ended as a result of a timeout. This exception will be propagated across ORB boundaries via an org.omg.CORBA.ACTIVITY_COMPLETED system exception. An application should handle this error by attempting to complete the Activity.


Fields inherited from class java.rmi.RemoteException




public ActivityCompletedException()

Constructs a new instance with null as its detail message.


public ActivityCompletedException(String message)

Constructs a new instance with the specified detail message.

message - the detail message.


public ActivityCompletedException(Throwable cause)

Constructs a new throwable with the specified cause.

cause - a chained exception of type Throwable.


public ActivityCompletedException(String message,
                                  Throwable cause)

Constructs a new throwable with the specified detail message and cause.

message - the detail message.
cause - a chained exception of type Throwable.


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