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Package javax.rmi.CORBA

Contains portability APIs for RMI-IIOP.

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Interface Summary
Interface Description

Supports delegation for method implementations in PortableRemoteObject.


Supports delegation for method implementations in Stub.


Defines methods which all RMI-IIOP server side ties must implement.


Supports delegation for method implementations in Util.


Defines methods which allow serialization of Java objects to and from GIOP streams.


Java to IDL ptc 02-01-12

Class Summary
Class Description

This class is used to marshal java.lang.Class objects over IIOP.


Base class from which all RMI-IIOP stubs must inherit.


Provides utility methods that can be used by stubs and ties to perform common operations.

Package javax.rmi.CORBA Description

Contains portability APIs for RMI-IIOP. These APIs provide a standard interface between the generated stubs and ties and the RMI-IIOP runtime. They also allow third party ORBs to be used for RMI over IIOP as an alternative to the ORB supplied by Sun. They are not intended to be called directly from RMI-IIOP applications. See also the javax.rmi package.

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