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Annotation Type XmlJavaTypeAdapter

public @interface XmlJavaTypeAdapter

Use an adapter that implements XmlAdapter for custom marshaling.


The @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation can be used with the following program elements:

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined on a class, it applies to all references to the class.

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined at the package level it applies to all references from within the package to @XmlJavaTypeAdapter.type().

When @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation is defined on the field, property or parameter, then the annotation applies to the field, property or the parameter only.

A @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation on a field, property or parameter overrides the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation associated with the class being referenced by the field, property or parameter.

A @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation on a class overrides the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation specified at the package level for that class.

This annotation can be used with the following other annotations: XmlElement, XmlAttribute, XmlElementRef, XmlElementRefs, XmlAnyElement. This can also be used at the package level with the following annotations: XmlAccessorType, XmlSchema, XmlSchemaType, XmlSchemaTypes.

Example: See example in XmlAdapter

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public abstract Class<? extends XmlAdapter> value

Points to the class that converts a value type to a bound type or vice versa. See XmlAdapter for more details.


public abstract Class type

If this annotation is used at the package level, then value of the type() must be specified.


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