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Interface XMLValidateContext

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public interface XMLValidateContext
extends XMLCryptoContext

Contains context information for validating XML Signatures. This interface is primarily intended for type-safety.

Note that XMLValidateContext instances can contain information and state specific to the XML signature structure it is used with. The results are unpredictable if an XMLValidateContext is used with different signature structures (for example, you should not use the same XMLValidateContext instance to validate two different XMLSignature objects).

Supported Properties

The following properties can be set by an application using the setProperty method.

See Also:
XMLSignature.validate(XMLValidateContext), Reference.validate(XMLValidateContext)


Methods inherited from interface javax.xml.crypto.XMLCryptoContext

get, getBaseURI, getDefaultNamespacePrefix, getKeySelector, getNamespacePrefix, getProperty, getURIDereferencer, put, putNamespacePrefix, setBaseURI, setDefaultNamespacePrefix, setKeySelector, setProperty, setURIDereferencer

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