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Class SOAPException

All Implemented Interfaces:
public class SOAPException
extends Exception

An exception that signals that a SOAP exception has occurred. A SOAPException object may contain a String that gives the reason for the exception, an embedded Throwable object, or both. This class provides methods for retrieving reason messages and for retrieving the embedded Throwable object.

Typical reasons for throwing a SOAPException object are problems such as difficulty setting a header, not being able to send a message, and not being able to get a connection with the provider. Reasons for embedding a Throwable object include problems such as input/output errors or a parsing problem, such as an error in parsing a header.



public SOAPException()

Constructs a SOAPException object with no reason or embedded Throwable object.


public SOAPException(String reason)

Constructs a SOAPException object with the given String as the reason for the exception being thrown.

reason - a description of what caused the exception


public SOAPException(String reason,
                     Throwable cause)

Constructs a SOAPException object with the given String as the reason for the exception being thrown and the given Throwable object as an embedded exception.

reason - a description of what caused the exception
cause - a Throwable object that is to be embedded in this SOAPException object


public SOAPException(Throwable cause)

Constructs a SOAPException object initialized with the given Throwable object.



public String getMessage()

Returns the detail message for this SOAPException object.

If there is an embedded Throwable object, and if the SOAPException object has no detail message of its own, this method will return the detail message from the embedded Throwable object.

getMessage in class Throwable
the error or warning message for this SOAPException or, if it has none, the message of the embedded Throwable object, if there is one


public Throwable getCause()

Returns the Throwable object embedded in this SOAPException if there is one. Otherwise, this method returns null.

getCause in class Throwable
the embedded Throwable object or null if there is none


public Throwable initCause(Throwable cause)

Initializes the cause field of this SOAPException object with the given Throwable object.

This method can be called at most once. It is generally called from within the constructor or immediately after the constructor has returned a new SOAPException object. If this SOAPException object was created with the constructor SOAPException(Throwable) or SOAPException(String,Throwable), meaning that its cause field already has a value, this method cannot be called even once.

initCause in class Throwable
cause - the Throwable object that caused this SOAPException object to be thrown. The value of this parameter is saved for later retrieval by the getCause() method. A null value is permitted and indicates that the cause is nonexistent or unknown.
a reference to this SOAPException instance
IllegalArgumentException - if cause is this Throwable object. (A Throwable object cannot be its own cause.)
IllegalStateException - if the cause for this SOAPException object has already been initialized

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