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Package javax.xml.ws.handler

This package defines APIs for message handlers.

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Interface Summary
Interface Description
Handler<C extends MessageContext>

The Handler interface is the base interface for JAX-WS handlers.


HandlerResolver is an interface implemented by an application to get control over the handler chain set on proxy/dispatch objects at the time of their creation.

LogicalHandler<C extends LogicalMessageContext>

The LogicalHandler extends Handler to provide typesafety for the message context parameter.


The LogicalMessageContext interface extends MessageContext to provide access to a the contained message as a protocol neutral LogicalMessage


The interface MessageContext abstracts the message context that is processed by a handler in the handle method.


The PortInfo interface is used by a HandlerResolver to query information about the port it is being asked to create a handler chain for.

Enum Summary
Enum Description

Property scope.

Package javax.xml.ws.handler Description

This package defines APIs for message handlers.

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