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Interface Streamable

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
AlreadyBoundHolder, AnyHolder, AnySeqHolder, BindingHolder, BindingIteratorHolder, BindingListHolder, BindingTypeHolder, BooleanHolder, BooleanSeqHolder, ByteHolder, CannotProceedHolder, CharHolder, CharSeqHolder, CookieHolder, CurrentHolder, DoubleHolder, DoubleSeqHolder, FixedHolder, FloatHolder, FloatSeqHolder, IntHolder, InvalidAddressHolder, InvalidNameHolder, IORHolder, IORInterceptor_3_0Holder, LongHolder, LongLongSeqHolder, LongSeqHolder, MultipleComponentProfileHolder, NameComponentHolder, NameHolder, NamingContextExtHolder, NamingContextHolder, NotEmptyHolder, NotFoundHolder, NotFoundReasonHolder, ObjectHolder, ObjectReferenceFactoryHolder, ObjectReferenceTemplateHolder, ObjectReferenceTemplateSeqHolder, OctetSeqHolder, ParameterModeHolder, PolicyErrorHolder, PolicyHolder, PolicyListHolder, PrincipalHolder, ServiceContextHolder, ServiceContextListHolder, ServiceInformationHolder, ShortHolder, ShortSeqHolder, StringHolder, StringSeqHolder, TaggedComponentHolder, TaggedProfileHolder, TypeCodeHolder, ULongLongSeqHolder, ULongSeqHolder, UnknownUserExceptionHolder, UShortSeqHolder, ValueBaseHolder, WCharSeqHolder, WrongTransactionHolder, WStringSeqHolder
public interface Streamable

The base class for the Holder classess of all complex IDL types. The ORB treats all generated Holders as Streamable to invoke the methods for marshalling and unmarshalling.




void _read(InputStream istream)

Reads data from istream and initalizes the value field of the Holder with the unmarshalled data.

istream - the InputStream that represents the CDR data from the wire.


void _write(OutputStream ostream)

Marshals to ostream the value in the value field of the Holder.

ostream - the CDR OutputStream


TypeCode _type()

Retrieves the TypeCode object corresponding to the value in the value field of the Holder.

the TypeCode object for the value held in the holder

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