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Interface DynValueCommonOperations

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
DynValue, DynValueBox, DynValueBoxOperations, DynValueCommon, DynValueOperations
All Known Implementing Classes:
public interface DynValueCommonOperations
extends DynAnyOperations

DynValueCommon provides operations supported by both the DynValue and DynValueBox interfaces.



boolean is_null()

Returns true if the DynValueCommon represents a null value type.


void set_to_null()

Changes the representation of a DynValueCommon to a null value type.


void set_to_value()

Replaces a null value type with a newly constructed value. Its components are initialized to default values as in DynAnyFactory.create_dyn_any_from_type_code. If the DynValueCommon represents a non-null value type, then this operation has no effect.

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