/Perl 5.26



ExtUtils::MM_Win32 - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker


use ExtUtils::MM_Win32; # Done internally by ExtUtils::MakeMaker if needed


See ExtUtils::MM_Unix for a documentation of the methods provided there. This package overrides the implementation of these methods, not the semantics.

Overridden methods

  • dlsyms
  • replace_manpage_separator

    Changes the path separator with .

  • maybe_command

    Since Windows has nothing as simple as an executable bit, we check the file extension.

    The PATHEXT env variable will be used to get a list of extensions that might indicate a command, otherwise .com, .exe, .bat and .cmd will be used by default.


    Using \ for Windows, except for "gmake" where it is /.

  • init_tools

    Override some of the slower, portable commands with Windows specific ones.

  • init_others

    Override the default link and compile tools.

    LDLOADLIBS's default is changed to $Config{libs}.

    Adjustments are made for Borland's quirks needing -L to come first.

  • init_platform

    Add MM_Win32_VERSION.

  • platform_constants
  • constants

    Add MAXLINELENGTH for dmake before all the constants are output.

  • special_targets

    Add .USESHELL target for dmake.

  • static_lib

    Changes how to run the linker.

    The rest is duplicate code from MM_Unix. Should move the linker code to its own method.

  • dynamic_lib

    Complicated stuff for Win32 that I don't understand. :(

  • extra_clean_files

    Clean out some extra dll.{base,exp} files which might be generated by gcc. Otherwise, take out all *.pdb files.

  • init_linker
  • perl_script

    Checks for the perl program under several common perl extensions.

  • quote_dep
  • xs_o

    This target is stubbed out. Not sure why.

  • pasthru

    All we send is -nologo to nmake to prevent it from printing its damned banner.

  • arch_check (override)

    Normalize all arguments for consistency of comparison.

  • oneliner

    These are based on what command.com does on Win98. They may be wrong for other Windows shells, I don't know.

  • cd

    dmake can handle Unix style cd'ing but nmake (at least 1.5) cannot. It wants:

    cd dir1\dir2
    cd ..\..
  • max_exec_len

    nmake 1.50 limits command length to 2048 characters.

  • os_flavor

    Windows is Win32.

  • cflags

    Defines the PERLDLL symbol if we are configured for static building since all code destined for the perl5xx.dll must be compiled with the PERLDLL symbol defined.

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