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Abstract class Phalcon\Flash

implements Phalcon\FlashInterface, Phalcon\Di\InjectionAwareInterface

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Shows HTML notifications related to different circumstances. Classes can be stylized using CSS

$flash->success("The record was successfully deleted");
$flash->error("Cannot open the file");


public __construct ([mixed $cssClasses])

Phalcon\Flash constructor

public getAutoescape ()

Returns the autoescape mode in generated html

public setAutoescape (mixed $autoescape)

Set the autoescape mode in generated html

public getEscaperService ()

Returns the Escaper Service

public setEscaperService (Phalcon\EscaperInterface $escaperService)

Sets the Escaper Service

public setDI (Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector)

Sets the dependency injector

public getDI ()

Returns the internal dependency injector

public setImplicitFlush (mixed $implicitFlush)

Set whether the output must be implicitly flushed to the output or returned as string

public setAutomaticHtml (mixed $automaticHtml)

Set if the output must be implicitly formatted with HTML

public setCssClasses (array $cssClasses)

Set an array with CSS classes to format the messages

public error (mixed $message)

Shows a HTML error message

$flash->error("This is an error");

public notice (mixed $message)

Shows a HTML notice/information message

$flash->notice("This is an information");

public success (mixed $message)

Shows a HTML success message

$flash->success("The process was finished successfully");

public warning (mixed $message)

Shows a HTML warning message

$flash->warning("Hey, this is important");

public string | void outputMessage (mixed $type, string | array $message)

Outputs a message formatting it with HTML

$flash->outputMessage("error", $message);

public clear ()

Clears accumulated messages when implicit flush is disabled

abstract public message (mixed $type, mixed $message) inherited from Phalcon\FlashInterface


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