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Abstract class Phalcon\Logger\Adapter

implements Phalcon\Logger\AdapterInterface

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Base class for Phalcon\Logger adapters


public setLogLevel (mixed $level)

Filters the logs sent to the handlers that are less or equal than a specific level

public getLogLevel ()

Returns the current log level

public setFormatter (Phalcon\Logger\FormatterInterface $formatter)

Sets the message formatter

public begin ()

Starts a transaction

public commit ()

Commits the internal transaction

public rollback ()

Rollbacks the internal transaction

public isTransaction ()

Returns the whether the logger is currently in an active transaction or not

public critical (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes a critical message to the log

public emergency (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes an emergency message to the log

public debug (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes a debug message to the log

public error (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes an error message to the log

public info (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes an info message to the log

public notice (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes a notice message to the log

public warning (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes a warning message to the log

public alert (mixed $message, [array $context])

Sends/Writes an alert message to the log

public log (mixed $type, [mixed $message], [array $context])

Logs messages to the internal logger. Appends logs to the logger

abstract public getFormatter () inherited from Phalcon\Logger\AdapterInterface


abstract public close () inherited from Phalcon\Logger\AdapterInterface


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