JSON Package

The json package provides the JsonDoc class both as a container for a JSON document and as means of parsing from and writing to String.

JSON Representation

JSON is represented in Pony as the following types:

The collection types JsonObject and JsonArray can contain any other JSON structures arbitrarily nested.

JsonType is used to subsume all possible JSON types. It can also be used to describe everything that can be serialized using this package.

Parsing JSON

For getting JSON from a String into proper Pony data structures, JsonDoc.parse needs to be used. This will populate the public field JsonDoc.data, which is None, if parse has not been called yet.

Every call to parse overwrites the data field, so one JsonDoc instance can be used to parse multiple JSON Strings one by one.

let doc = JsonDoc
// parsing
doc.parse("{\"key\":\"value\", \"property\": true, \"array\":[1, 2.5, false]}")?

// extracting values from a JSON structure
let json: JsonObject  = doc.data as JsonObject
let key: String       = json.data("key")? as String
let property: Boolean = json.data("property")? as Bool
let array: JsonArray  = json.data("array")?
let first: I64        = array.data(0)? as I64
let second: F64       = array.data(1)? as F64
let last: Bool        = array.data(2)? as Bool

Sending JSON

JsonDoc has the ref reference capability, which means it is not sendable by default. If you need to send it to another actor you need to recover it to a sendable reference capability (either val or iso). For the sake of simplicity it is recommended to do the parsing already in the recover block:

// sending an iso doc
let json_string = "{\"array\":[1, true, null]}"
let sendable_doc: JsonDoc iso = recover iso JsonDoc.>parse(json_string)? end
some_actor.send(consume sendable_doc)

// sending a val doc
let val_doc: JsonDoc val = recover val JsonDoc.>parse(json_string)? end

When sending an iso JsonDoc it is important to recover it to a ref on the receiving side in order to be able to properly access the json structures in data.

Writing JSON

JSON is written using the JsonDoc.string method. This will serialize the contents of the data field to String.

// building up the JSON data structure
let doc = JsonDoc
let obj = JsonObject
obj.data("key") = "value"
obj.data("property") = true
obj.data("array") = JsonArray.from_array([ as JsonType: I64(1); F64(2.5); false])
doc.data = obj

// writing to String
  doc.string(where indent="  ", pretty_print=true)

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