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QAmbientTemperatureReading Class

The QAmbientTemperatureReading class holds readings of the ambient temperature. More...

Header: #include <QAmbientTemperatureReading>
qmake: QT += sensors
Since: Qt 5.1
Inherits: QSensorReading


Public Functions

QAmbientTemperatureReading(QObject *parent = DECLARE_READING(QAmbientTemperatureReading))
virtual ~QAmbientTemperatureReading()
void setTemperature(qreal temperature)
qreal temperature() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void copyValuesFrom(QSensorReading *other) override

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QAmbientTemperatureReading class holds readings of the ambient temperature.

The ambient (room) temperature is the temperature in degree Celsius.

Property Documentation

temperature : const qreal

This property holds the ambient temperature

Measured in degree Celsius.

Access functions:

qreal temperature() const

Member Function Documentation

QAmbientTemperatureReading::QAmbientTemperatureReading(QObject *parent = DECLARE_READING(QAmbientTemperatureReading))

Default constructs an instance of QAmbientTemperatureReading.

[virtual] QAmbientTemperatureReading::~QAmbientTemperatureReading()

Destroys the instance of QAmbientTemperatureReading. The destructor is virtual.

[override virtual] void QAmbientTemperatureReading::copyValuesFrom(QSensorReading *other)

void QAmbientTemperatureReading::setTemperature(qreal temperature)

Sets ambient temperature to temperature.

See also temperature().

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