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AddressInfo Class


The QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::AddressInfo defines the elements of a white list. More...

Header: #include <AddressInfo>
qmake: QT += bluetooth
Since: Qt 5.7

Public Functions

AddressInfo(const QBluetoothAddress &addr, QLowEnergyController::RemoteAddressType type)

Public Variables

QBluetoothAddress address
QLowEnergyController::RemoteAddressType type

Detailed Description

The QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::AddressInfo defines the elements of a white list.

A list of QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::AddressInfo instances is passed to QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::setWhiteList(). White lists are used to restrict the devices which have the permission to interact with the peripheral. The permitted type of interaction is defined by QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::FilterPolicy.

See also QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters::whiteList().

Member Function Documentation

AddressInfo::AddressInfo(const QBluetoothAddress &addr, QLowEnergyController::RemoteAddressType type)

Constructs a new AddressInfo instance. addr represents the Bluetooth address of the remote device and type the nature of the address.


Constructs a default constructed AddressInfo instance.

By default the AddressInfo::type member is set to QLowEnergyController::PublicAddress and the AddressInfo::address member has a null address.

Member Variable Documentation

QBluetoothAddress AddressInfo::address

This is the Bluetooth address of a remote device.

QLowEnergyController::RemoteAddressType AddressInfo::type

The type of the address (public or private). The AddressInfo default constructor initialises this value to QLowEnergyController::PublicAddress.

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