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StandardPaths QML Type

Provides access to the standard system paths. More...

Import Statement: import Qt.labs.platform 1.0
Since: Qt 5.8



Detailed Description

The StandardPaths singleton type provides methods for querying the standard system paths. The standard paths are mostly useful in conjunction with the FileDialog and FolderDialog types.

FileDialog {
    folder: StandardPaths.writableLocation(StandardPaths.DocumentsLocation)

Note: Types in Qt.labs modules are not guaranteed to remain compatible in future versions.

See also FileDialog, FolderDialog, and QStandardPaths.

Method Documentation

string displayName(StandardLocation type)

See also QStandardPaths::displayName().

url findExecutable(string executableName, list<string> paths)

See also QStandardPaths::findExecutable().

url locate(StandardLocation type, string fileName, LocateOptions options = LocateFile)

See also QStandardPaths::locate().

list<url> locateAll(StandardLocation type, string fileName, LocateOptions options = LocateFile)

See also QStandardPaths::locateAll().

void setTestModeEnabled(bool testMode)

See also QStandardPaths::setTestModeEnabled().

list<url> standardLocations(StandardLocation type)

See also QStandardPaths::standardLocations().

url writableLocation(StandardLocation type)

See also QStandardPaths::writableLocation().

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