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LerpBlend QML Type

Performs a linear interpolation of two animation clips based on a normalized factor. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Animation 2.9
Since: Qt 5.9
Instantiates: QLerpClipBlend


Detailed Description

LerpBlend can be useful to create advanced animation effects based on individual animation clips. For instance, given a player character,, lerp blending could be used to combine a walking animation clip with an injured animation clip based on a blend factor that increases the more the player gets injured. This would then allow with blend factor == 0 to have a non injured walking player, with blend factor == 1 a fully injured player, with blend factor == 0.5 a partially walking and injured player.

See also BlendedClipAnimator.

Property Documentation

blendFactor : real

Specifies the blending factor between 0 and 1 to control the blending of two animation clips.

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