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Canvas3DAbstractObject QML Type

Base type for Canvas3D types representing OpenGL resources. More...

Import Statement: import QtCanvas3D 1.1
Since: QtCanvas3D 1.0
Inherited By:

Canvas3DBuffer, Canvas3DFrameBuffer, Canvas3DProgram, Canvas3DRenderBuffer, Canvas3DShader, Canvas3DTexture, and Canvas3DUniformLocation


Detailed Description

An uncreatable QML type that is the base type for other Canvas3D types that represent OpenGL resources.

Property Documentation

invalidated : bool

Indicates if this object has been invalidated. Invalidated objects cannot be valid parameters in Context3D methods and will result in Context3D.INVALID_OPERATION error if used. Objects are invalidated when context is lost and cannot be validated again.

See also Canvas3D.contextLost.

name : string

Name of the object.

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