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NdefTextRecord QML Type

Represents an NFC RTD-Text NDEF record. More...

Import Statement: import QtNfc 5.11
Since: Qt 5.2



Detailed Description

The NdefTextRecord type contains a localized piece of text that can be display to the user. An NDEF message may contain many text records for different locales, it is up to the application to select the most appropriate one to display to the user. The localeMatch property can be used to determine if the text record has been matched.

See also QNdefNfcTextRecord.

Property Documentation

locale : string

This property holds the locale that this text record is for.

localeMatch : enumeration

This property holds an enum describing how closely the locale of the text record matches the applications current locale. The application should display only the text record that most closely matches the applications current locale.

Value Description
LocaleMatchedNone The text record does not match at all.
LocaleMatchedEnglish The language of the text record is English and the language of application's current locale is not English. The English language text should be displayed if there is not a more appropriate match.
LocaleMatchedLanguage The language of the text record and the language of the applications's current locale are the same.
LocaleMatchedLanguageAndCountry The language and country of the text record matches that of the applicatin's current locale.

text : string

This property holds the text which should be displayed when the current locale matches locale.

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