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KeyPanel QML Type

A base type of the styled keys. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard.Styles 2.2



Detailed Description

All the key delegates provided by the style should be based on this type.

Property Documentation

control : Item

Provides access to properties in BaseKey.

A list of available properties in control:

  • control.key Unicode code of the key.
  • control.text Unicode text of the key.
  • control.displayText Display text of the key.
  • control.smallText Small text of the key, usually rendered in the corner of the key.
  • control.smallTextVisible Visibility of the small text.
  • control.alternativeKeys List of alternative key sequences.
  • control.enabled Set to true when the key is enabled.
  • control.pressed Set to true when the key is currently pressed.
  • control.uppercased Set to true when the key is uppercased.

soundEffect : url

Sets the sound effect to be played on key press.

This QML property was introduced in QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard.Styles 1.1.

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