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QPanGesture Class

The QPanGesture class describes a panning gesture made by the user. More...

Header: #include <QPanGesture>
qmake: QT += widgets
Since: Qt 4.6
Inherits: QGesture


Public Functions

virtual ~QPanGesture()
qreal acceleration() const
QPointF delta() const
QPointF lastOffset() const
QPointF offset() const
void setAcceleration(qreal value)
void setLastOffset(const QPointF &value)
void setOffset(const QPointF &value)
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Detailed Description

The QPanGesture class describes a panning gesture made by the user.

For an overview of gesture handling in Qt and information on using gestures in your applications, see the Gestures in Widgets and Graphics View document.

See also QPinchGesture and QSwipeGesture.

Property Documentation

acceleration : qreal

This property holds the acceleration in the motion of the touch point for this gesture

Access functions:

qreal acceleration() const
void setAcceleration(qreal value)

delta : const QPointF

This property holds the offset from the previous input position to the current input

This is essentially the same as the difference between offset() and lastOffset().

Access functions:

QPointF delta() const

lastOffset : QPointF

This property holds the last offset recorded for this gesture

The last offset contains the change in position of the user's input as reported in the offset property when a previous gesture event was delivered for this gesture.

If no previous event was delivered with information about this gesture (i.e., this gesture object contains information about the first movement in the gesture) then this property contains a zero size.

Access functions:

QPointF lastOffset() const
void setLastOffset(const QPointF &value)

offset : QPointF

This property holds the total offset from the first input position to the current input position

The offset measures the total change in position of the user's input covered by the gesture on the input device.

Access functions:

QPointF offset() const
void setOffset(const QPointF &value)

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QPanGesture::~QPanGesture()


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