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QTextToSpeechEngine Class

The QTextToSpeechEngine class is the base for text-to-speech engine integrations. More...

Header: #include <QTextToSpeechEngine>
qmake: QT += texttospeech
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

QTextToSpeechEngine(QObject *parent = nullptr)
virtual ~QTextToSpeechEngine()
virtual QVector<QLocale> availableLocales() const = 0
virtual QVector<QVoice> availableVoices() const = 0
virtual QLocale locale() const = 0
virtual void pause() = 0
virtual double pitch() const = 0
virtual double rate() const = 0
virtual void resume() = 0
virtual void say(const QString &text) = 0
virtual bool setLocale(const QLocale &locale) = 0
virtual bool setPitch(double pitch) = 0
virtual bool setRate(double rate) = 0
virtual bool setVoice(const QVoice &voice) = 0
virtual bool setVolume(double volume) = 0
virtual QTextToSpeech::State state() const = 0
virtual void stop() = 0
virtual QVoice voice() const = 0
virtual double volume() const = 0
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void stateChanged(QTextToSpeech::State state)

Static Protected Members

QVoice createVoice(const QString &name, QVoice::Gender gender, QVoice::Age age, const QVariant &data)
QVariant voiceData(const QVoice &voice)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QTextToSpeechEngine class is the base for text-to-speech engine integrations.

An engine implementation must derive from QTextToSpeechEngine and implement all its pure virtual methods.

Member Function Documentation

QTextToSpeechEngine::QTextToSpeechEngine(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs the text-to-speech engine base class with parent.

[virtual] QTextToSpeechEngine::~QTextToSpeechEngine()

Destroys the instance of QTextToSpeechEngine. The destructor is virtual.

[pure virtual] QVector<QLocale> QTextToSpeechEngine::availableLocales() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::availableLocales().

[pure virtual] QVector<QVoice> QTextToSpeechEngine::availableVoices() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::availableVoices().

[static protected] QVoice QTextToSpeechEngine::createVoice(const QString &name, QVoice::Gender gender, QVoice::Age age, const QVariant &data)

Creates a voice for a text-to-speech engine.

Parameters name, gender, age and data are directly stored in the QVoice instance.

[pure virtual] QLocale QTextToSpeechEngine::locale() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::locale().

See also setLocale().

[pure virtual] void QTextToSpeechEngine::pause()

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::pause().

[pure virtual] double QTextToSpeechEngine::pitch() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::pitch().

See also setPitch().

[pure virtual] double QTextToSpeechEngine::rate() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::rate().

See also setRate().

[pure virtual] void QTextToSpeechEngine::resume()

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::resume().

[pure virtual] void QTextToSpeechEngine::say(const QString &text)

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::say(text).

[pure virtual] bool QTextToSpeechEngine::setLocale(const QLocale &locale)

Implementation QTextToSpeech::setLocale(locale).

Return true if the operation was successful. In this case, the current voice (as returned by voice()) should also be updated to a new, valid value.

See also locale().

[pure virtual] bool QTextToSpeechEngine::setPitch(double pitch)

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::setPitch(pitch).

Return true if the operation was successful.

See also pitch().

[pure virtual] bool QTextToSpeechEngine::setRate(double rate)

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::setRate(rate).

Return true if the operation was successful.

See also rate().

[pure virtual] bool QTextToSpeechEngine::setVoice(const QVoice &voice)

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::setVoice(voice).

Return true if the operation was successful.

See also voice().

[pure virtual] bool QTextToSpeechEngine::setVolume(double volume)

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::setVolume(volume).

Return true if the operation was successful.

See also volume().

[pure virtual] QTextToSpeech::State QTextToSpeechEngine::state() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::state().

[signal] void QTextToSpeechEngine::stateChanged(QTextToSpeech::State state)

Emitted when the text-to-speech engine state has changed.

This signal is connected to QTextToSpeech::stateChanged() signal.

[pure virtual] void QTextToSpeechEngine::stop()

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::stop().

[pure virtual] QVoice QTextToSpeechEngine::voice() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::voice().

See also setVoice().

[static protected] QVariant QTextToSpeechEngine::voiceData(const QVoice &voice)

Returns the engine-specific private data for the given voice.

[pure virtual] double QTextToSpeechEngine::volume() const

Implementation of QTextToSpeech::volume().

See also setVolume().

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