/Qt 5.13

QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner Class

Header: #include <QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner>
qmake: QT += androidextras
Since: Qt 5.10

This class was introduced in Qt 5.10.

Public Types

enum OutputMode { Silent, Verbose }

Public Functions

QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner(QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::OutputMode outputMode = ...)
void clean()

Detailed Description

The QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner is a convenience class useful to clean the pending JNI exceptions from the current scope.

Member Type Documentation

enum QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::OutputMode

Constant Value Description
QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::Silent 0 the exceptions are cleaned silently
QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::Verbose 1 discribes the exceptions before cleaning them

Member Function Documentation

QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner(QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::OutputMode outputMode = ...)

Cleans any pending exceptions either silently or with descriptions, depending on the outputMode.


Clean any pending exceptions.

void QAndroidJniExceptionCleaner::clean()

Manually cleans any pending exceptions

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