/Qt 5.13

QAndroidParcel Class

Header: #include <QAndroidParcel>
qmake: QT += androidextras
Since: Qt 5.10

This class was introduced in Qt 5.10.

Public Functions

QAndroidParcel(const QAndroidJniObject &parcel)
QAndroidJniObject handle() const
QAndroidBinder readBinder() const
QByteArray readData() const
int readFileDescriptor() const
QVariant readVariant() const
void writeBinder(const QAndroidBinder &binder) const
void writeData(const QByteArray &data) const
void writeFileDescriptor(int fd) const
void writeVariant(const QVariant &value) const

Detailed Description

The QAndroidParcel is a convenience class that wraps the most important Android Parcel methods.

Member Function Documentation

QAndroidParcel::QAndroidParcel(const QAndroidJniObject &parcel)

Wraps the parcel object.


Creates a new object.

QAndroidJniObject QAndroidParcel::handle() const

The return value is useful to call other Java API which are not covered by this wrapper

QAndroidBinder QAndroidParcel::readBinder() const

Returns the binder as a QAndroidBinder

QByteArray QAndroidParcel::readData() const

Returns the data as a QByteArray

int QAndroidParcel::readFileDescriptor() const

Returns the file descriptor

QVariant QAndroidParcel::readVariant() const

Returns the data as a QVariant

void QAndroidParcel::writeBinder(const QAndroidBinder &binder) const

Writes a binder object. This is useful for a client to send to a server a binder which can be used by the server callback the client.

void QAndroidParcel::writeData(const QByteArray &data) const

Writes the provided data as a byte array

void QAndroidParcel::writeFileDescriptor(int fd) const

Writes the provided fd.

void QAndroidParcel::writeVariant(const QVariant &value) const

Writes the provided value. The value is converted into a QByteArray before is written.

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