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QJsonParseError Struct

The QJsonParseError class is used to report errors during JSON parsing. More...

Header: #include <QJsonParseError>
qmake: QT += core
Since: Qt 5.0

This struct was introduced in Qt 5.0.

Note: All functions in this struct are reentrant.

Public Types

enum ParseError { NoError, UnterminatedObject, MissingNameSeparator, UnterminatedArray, ..., GarbageAtEnd }

Public Functions

QString errorString() const

Public Variables

QJsonParseError::ParseError error
int offset

Detailed Description

See also JSON Support in Qt and JSON Save Game Example.

Member Type Documentation

enum QJsonParseError::ParseError

This enum describes the type of error that occurred during the parsing of a JSON document.

Constant Value Description
QJsonParseError::NoError 0 No error occurred
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedObject 1 An object is not correctly terminated with a closing curly bracket
QJsonParseError::MissingNameSeparator 2 A comma separating different items is missing
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedArray 3 The array is not correctly terminated with a closing square bracket
QJsonParseError::MissingValueSeparator 4 A colon separating keys from values inside objects is missing
QJsonParseError::IllegalValue 5 The value is illegal
QJsonParseError::TerminationByNumber 6 The input stream ended while parsing a number
QJsonParseError::IllegalNumber 7 The number is not well formed
QJsonParseError::IllegalEscapeSequence 8 An illegal escape sequence occurred in the input
QJsonParseError::IllegalUTF8String 9 An illegal UTF8 sequence occurred in the input
QJsonParseError::UnterminatedString 10 A string wasn't terminated with a quote
QJsonParseError::MissingObject 11 An object was expected but couldn't be found
QJsonParseError::DeepNesting 12 The JSON document is too deeply nested for the parser to parse it
QJsonParseError::DocumentTooLarge 13 The JSON document is too large for the parser to parse it
QJsonParseError::GarbageAtEnd 14 The parsed document contains additional garbage characters at the end

Member Function Documentation

QString QJsonParseError::errorString() const

Returns the human-readable message appropriate to the reported JSON parsing error.

See also error.

Member Variable Documentation

QJsonParseError::ParseError QJsonParseError::error

Contains the type of the parse error. Is equal to QJsonParseError::NoError if the document was parsed correctly.

See also ParseError and errorString().

int QJsonParseError::offset

Contains the offset in the input string where the parse error occurred.

See also error and errorString().

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