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Calendar QML Type

A calendar namespace. More...

Import Statement: import Qt.labs.calendar 1.0

Detailed Description

The Calendar singleton provides miscellaneous calendar related utilities.

The Qt Labs Calendar module uses 0-based month numbers to be consistent with the JavaScript Date type, that is used by the QML language. This means that Date::getMonth() can be assigned to MonthGrid::month and WeekNumberColumn::month as is. When dealing with month numbers directly, it is highly recommended to use the following enumeration values to avoid confusion.

Constant Description
Calendar.January January (0)
Calendar.February February (1)
Calendar.March March (2)
Calendar.April April (3)
Calendar.May May (4)
Calendar.June June (5)
Calendar.July July (6)
Calendar.August August (7)
Calendar.September September (8)
Calendar.October October (9)
Calendar.November November (10)
Calendar.December December (11)

See also MonthGrid, DayOfWeekRow, and WeekNumberColumn.

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