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ForwardRenderer QML Type

The ForwardRenderer provides a default FrameGraph implementation of a forward renderer. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Extras 2.13
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QForwardRenderer


Detailed Description

Forward rendering is what OpenGL traditionally uses. It renders directly to the backbuffer one object at a time shading each one as it goes.

ForwardRenderer is a single leaf FrameGraph tree which contains a Viewport, a CameraSelector, and a ClearBuffers. The ForwardRenderer has a default requirement filter key whose name is "renderingStyle" and value "forward". If you need to filter out your techniques, you should do so based on that filter key.

By default the viewport occupies the whole screen and the clear color is white. Frustum culling is also enabled.

Property Documentation

camera : Entity

Holds the current camera entity used to render the scene.

Note: A camera is an Entity that has a CameraLens as one of its components.

clearColor : color

Holds the current clear color of the scene. The frame buffer is initialized to the clear color before rendering.

externalRenderTargetSize : QSize

Contains the size of the external render target. External render targets are relevant when rendering does not target a window surface (as set in surface).

frustumCulling : bool

Indicates if the renderer applies frustum culling to the scene.

gamma : real

Holds the gamma value the renderer applies to the scene.

surface : Object

Holds the current render surface.

viewportRect : rect

Holds the current normalized viewport rectangle.

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