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EditorialModel QML Type

The EditorialModel type provides a model of place editorials. More...

Import Statement: import QtLocation 5.13
Since: QtLocation 5.5


Detailed Description

The EditorialModel is a read-only model used to fetch editorials related to a Place. Binding a Place via EditorialModel::place initiates an initial fetch of editorials. The model performs fetches incrementally and is intended to be used in conjunction with a View such as a ListView. When the View reaches the last of the editorials currently in the model, a fetch is performed to retrieve more if they are available. The View is automatically updated as the editorials are received. The number of editorials which are fetched at a time is specified by the batchSize property. The total number of editorials available can be accessed via the totalCount property.

The model returns data for the following roles:

Role Type Description
text string The editorial's textual description of the place. It can be either rich (HTML based) text or plain text depending upon the provider.
title string The title of the editorial.
language string The language that the editorial is written in.
supplier Supplier The supplier of the editorial.
user User The user who contributed the editorial.
attribution string Attribution text which must be displayed when displaying the editorial.


The following example shows how to display editorials for a place:

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtPositioning 5.5
import QtLocation 5.6

EditorialModel {
    id: editorialModel
    batchSize: 3
    place: place

ListView {
    model: editorialModel
    delegate: Item {
        anchors.fill: parent

        Column {
            width: parent.width
            clip: true

            Text {
                text: title
                width: parent.width
                wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
                font.pixelSize: 24

            Text {
                text: text
                width: parent.width
                wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
                font.pixelSize: 20

            Row {
                Image {
                    width: 16
                    height: 16

                    source: supplier.icon.url(Qt.size(width, height), Icon.List)

                Text {
                    text: "Provided by " + supplier.name
                    font.pixelSize: 16

            Text {
                text: "Contributed by " + user.name
                font.pixelSize: 16

            Text {
                text: attribution
                font.pixelSize: 8

Property Documentation

batchSize : int

This property holds the batch size to use when fetching more editorials items.

place : Place

This property holds the Place that the editorials are for.

totalCount : int

This property holds the total number of editorial items for the place.

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