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Node QML Type

A node on a Qt Remote Objects network. More...

Import Statement: import QtRemoteObjects 5.13
Instantiates: QRemoteObjectNode


Detailed Description

The Node type provides an entry point to a Qt Remote Objects network. A network can be as simple as two nodes, or an arbitrarily complex set of processes and devices.

A Node does not have a url that other nodes can connect to, and thus is able to acquire replicas only. It is not able to share source objects.

Property Documentation

heartbeatInterval : int

Heartbeat interval in ms.

The heartbeat (only helpful for socket connections) will periodically send a message to connected nodes to detect whether the connection was disrupted. Qt Remote Objects will try to reconnect automatically if it detects a dropped connection. This function can help with that detection since the client will only detect that the server is unavailable when it tries to send data.

A value of 0 (the default) will disable the heartbeat.

persistedStore : QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore

Allows setting a QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore instance for the node.

Allows replica PROP members with the PERSISTED trait to save their current value when the replica is deleted and restore a stored value the next time the replica is started.

Requires a QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore class implementation to control where and how persistence is handled. A default QSettings-based implementation is provided by SettingsStore.

registryUrl : url

The address of the Registry used by this node.

This is an empty QUrl if there is no registry in use.

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