/Qt 5.13

RenderState QML Type

An abstract base type for all render states. More...

Import Statement: import
Since: Qt 5.7
Instantiates: QRenderState


Inherited By:

AlphaCoverage, AlphaTest, BlendEquation, BlendEquationArguments, ClipPlane, ColorMask, CullFace, DepthTest, Dithering, FrontFace, LineWidth, MultiSampleAntiAliasing, NoDepthMask, PointSize, PolygonOffset, ScissorTest, SeamlessCubemap, StencilMask, StencilOperation, and StencilTest

Detailed Description

A RenderState type is abstract base class for all render states. One can not instantiate RenderState directly, but through its subclasses.

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