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QSceneChange Class


The base class for changes that can be sent and received by Qt3D's change notification system. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore/QSceneChange>
qmake: QT += 3dcore
Inherited By:

Qt3DCore::QComponentAddedChange, Qt3DCore::QComponentRemovedChange, Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand, Qt3DCore::QNodeCreatedChangeBase, Qt3DCore::QNodeDestroyedChange, Qt3DCore::QPropertyUpdatedChangeBase, Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueAddedChangeBase, and Qt3DCore::QPropertyValueRemovedChangeBase

Public Types

enum DeliveryFlag { BackendNodes, Nodes, DeliverToAll }
flags DeliveryFlags

Public Functions

Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::DeliveryFlags deliveryFlags() const
void setDeliveryFlags(Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::DeliveryFlags flags)
Qt3DCore::QNodeId subjectId() const
Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag type() const

Protected Functions

QSceneChange(Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag type, Qt3DCore::QNodeId subjectId)
enum ChangeFlag { NodeCreated, NodeDeleted, PropertyUpdated, PropertyValueAdded, ..., AllChanges }
typedef QSceneChangePtr

Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum QSceneChange::DeliveryFlagflags QSceneChange::DeliveryFlags

The types of change that can be sent and received by Qt3D's change notification system.

Constant Value
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::BackendNodes 0x0001
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::Nodes 0x0010
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::DeliverToAll BackendNodes | Nodes

The DeliveryFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<DeliveryFlag>. It stores an OR combination of DeliveryFlag values.

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QSceneChange::QSceneChange(Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag type, Qt3DCore::QNodeId subjectId)

Constructs a new QSceneChange with type and subjectId.

Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::DeliveryFlags QSceneChange::deliveryFlags() const

Returns the set delivery flags.

See also setDeliveryFlags().

void QSceneChange::setDeliveryFlags(Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::DeliveryFlags flags)

Sets the delivery flags of the change to flags.

See also deliveryFlags().

Qt3DCore::QNodeId QSceneChange::subjectId() const

Returns scene change subject id.

Qt3DCore::ChangeFlag QSceneChange::type() const

Returns the scene change type.

Related Non-Members

enum QSceneChange::ChangeFlagflags Qt3DCore::ChangeFlags

The types of change that can be sent and received by Qt3D's change notification system.

Constant Value Description
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::NodeCreated 1 << 0 A new instance of a QNode subclass has been created.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::NodeDeleted 1 << 1 A QNode has been deleted.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::PropertyUpdated 1 << 2 A QNode property has been updated.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::PropertyValueAdded 1 << 3 A QNode has been added to the scene.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::PropertyValueRemoved 1 << 4 A QNode has been removed from the scene.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::CommandRequested 1 << 7 A QNodeCommand has been sent between a node and its backend.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::ComponentAdded 1 << 5 A QComponent has been added to a QEntity.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::ComponentRemoved 1 << 6 A QComponent has been removed from a QEntity.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::CallbackTriggered 1 << 8 A QNode triggered a callback.
Qt3DCore::QSceneChange::AllChanges 0xFFFFFFFF Allows an observer to monitor for any of the above changes.

The ChangeFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<ChangeFlag>. It stores an OR combination of ChangeFlag values.

typedef QSceneChange::QSceneChangePtr

A shared pointer for QSceneChange.

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