/Qt 5.13

Navigation Controls

Qt Quick Controls 2 offers a selection of navigation models.


Side panel that can be opened and closed using a swipe gesture


Provides a stack-based navigation model


Enables the user to navigate pages by swiping sideways


Allows the user to switch between different views or subtasks


Button with a look suitable for a TabBar

The following sections offer guidelines for choosing the appropriate type of navigation model, depending on the use case.

StackView Control

StackView provides a stack-based navigation model which can be used with a set of interlinked pages. StackView works according to a last-in first-out principle: the page pushed last on the stack is the one visible. Popping a page removes the last page and makes the previous one visible.

SwipeView Control

SwipeView provides a navigation model that simplifies horizontal paged scrolling. The page indicator on the bottom shows which is the presently active page.


TabBar is a bar with icons or text that allows the user to switch between different subtasks, views, or modes.

TabButton Control

TabButton is a button with a layout suitable for a TabBar control.

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