/Ruby on Rails 6.0

class ActionDispatch::Static


This middleware will attempt to return the contents of a file's body from disk in the response. If a file is not found on disk, the request will be delegated to the application stack. This middleware is commonly initialized to serve assets from a server's public/ directory.

This middleware verifies the path to ensure that only files living in the root directory can be rendered. A request cannot produce a directory traversal using this middleware. Only 'GET' and 'HEAD' requests will result in a file being returned.

Public Class Methods

new(app, path, index: "index", headers: {}) Show source
# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/static.rb, line 110
def initialize(app, path, index: "index", headers: {})
  @app = app
  @file_handler = FileHandler.new(path, index: index, headers: headers)

Public Instance Methods

call(env) Show source
# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/static.rb, line 115
def call(env)
  req = Rack::Request.new env

  if req.get? || req.head?
    path = req.path_info.chomp("/")
    if match = @file_handler.match?(path)
      req.path_info = match
      return @file_handler.serve(req)


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