/Ruby on Rails 6.0

module ActiveJob::Enqueuing::ClassMethods

Includes the perform_later method for job initialization.

Public Instance Methods

perform_later(*args) Show source
# File activejob/lib/active_job/enqueuing.rb, line 21
def perform_later(*args)

Push a job onto the queue. By default the arguments must be either String, Integer, Float, NilClass, TrueClass, FalseClass, BigDecimal, Symbol, Date, Time, DateTime, ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone, ActiveSupport::Duration, Hash, ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess, Array or GlobalID::Identification instances, although this can be extended by adding custom serializers.

Returns an instance of the job class queued with arguments available in Job#arguments.

Private Instance Methods

job_or_instantiate(*args) Show source
# File activejob/lib/active_job/enqueuing.rb, line 26
def job_or_instantiate(*args) # :doc:
  args.first.is_a?(self) ? args.first : new(*args)

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