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module ActionView::Helpers::OutputSafetyHelper

Public Instance Methods

raw(stringish) Show source
# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/output_safety_helper.rb, line 18
def raw(stringish)

This method outputs without escaping a string. Since escaping tags is now default, this can be used when you don't want Rails to automatically escape tags. This is not recommended if the data is coming from the user's input.

For example:

raw @user.name
# => 'Jimmy <alert>Tables</alert>'
safe_join(array, sep = $,) Show source
# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/output_safety_helper.rb, line 33
def safe_join(array, sep = $,)
  sep = ERB::Util.unwrapped_html_escape(sep)

  array.flatten.map! { |i| ERB::Util.unwrapped_html_escape(i) }.join(sep).html_safe

This method returns an HTML safe string similar to what Array#join would return. The array is flattened, and all items, including the supplied separator, are HTML escaped unless they are HTML safe, and the returned string is marked as HTML safe.

safe_join([raw("<p>foo</p>"), "<p>bar</p>"], "<br />")
# => "<p>foo</p>&lt;br /&gt;&lt;p&gt;bar&lt;/p&gt;"

safe_join([raw("<p>foo</p>"), raw("<p>bar</p>")], raw("<br />"))
# => "<p>foo</p><br /><p>bar</p>"
to_sentence(array, options = {}) Show source
# File actionview/lib/action_view/helpers/output_safety_helper.rb, line 43
def to_sentence(array, options = {})
  options.assert_valid_keys(:words_connector, :two_words_connector, :last_word_connector, :locale)

  default_connectors = {
    words_connector: ", ",
    two_words_connector: " and ",
    last_word_connector: ", and "
  if defined?(I18n)
    i18n_connectors = I18n.translate(:'support.array', locale: options[:locale], default: {})
  options = default_connectors.merge!(options)

  case array.length
  when 0
  when 1
  when 2
    safe_join([array[0], array[1]], options[:two_words_connector])
    safe_join([safe_join(array[0...-1], options[:words_connector]), options[:last_word_connector], array[-1]], nil)

Converts the array to a comma-separated sentence where the last element is joined by the connector word. This is the html_safe-aware version of ActiveSupport's Array#to_sentence.

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Licensed under the MIT License.