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module ActiveJob::Core::ClassMethods

These methods will be included into any Active Job object, adding helpers for de/serialization and creation of job instances.

Public Instance Methods

deserialize(job_data) Show source
# File activejob/lib/active_job/core.rb, line 60
def deserialize(job_data)
  job = job_data["job_class"].constantize.new

Creates a new job instance from a hash created with serialize

set(options = {}) Show source
# File activejob/lib/active_job/core.rb, line 84
def set(options = {})
  ConfiguredJob.new(self, options)

Creates a job preconfigured with the given options. You can call perform_later with the job arguments to enqueue the job with the preconfigured options


  • :wait - Enqueues the job with the specified delay

  • :wait_until - Enqueues the job at the time specified

  • :queue - Enqueues the job on the specified queue

  • :priority - Enqueues the job with the specified priority


VideoJob.set(queue: :some_queue).perform_later(Video.last)
VideoJob.set(wait: 5.minutes).perform_later(Video.last)
VideoJob.set(wait_until: Time.now.tomorrow).perform_later(Video.last)
VideoJob.set(queue: :some_queue, wait: 5.minutes).perform_later(Video.last)
VideoJob.set(queue: :some_queue, wait_until: Time.now.tomorrow).perform_later(Video.last)
VideoJob.set(queue: :some_queue, wait: 5.minutes, priority: 10).perform_later(Video.last)

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