/Ruby on Rails 7.0

module ActiveSupport::Dependencies::RequireDependency

Public Instance Methods

require_dependency(filename) Show source
# File activesupport/lib/active_support/dependencies/require_dependency.rb, line 11
def require_dependency(filename)
  filename = filename.to_path if filename.respond_to?(:to_path)

  unless filename.is_a?(String)
    raise ArgumentError, "the file name must be either a String or implement #to_path -- you passed #{filename.inspect}"

  if abspath = ActiveSupport::Dependencies.search_for_file(filename)
    require abspath
    require filename

Warning: This method is obsolete. The semantics of the autoloader match Ruby's and you do not need to be defensive with load order anymore. Just refer to classes and modules normally.

Engines that do not control the mode in which their parent application runs should call require_dependency where needed in case the runtime mode is :classic.

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