SELECT index

Select the Redis logical database having the specified zero-based numeric index. New connections always use the database 0.

Redis different selectable databases are a form of namespacing: all the databases are anyway persisted together in the same RDB / AOF file. However different databases can have keys having the same name, and there are commands available like FLUSHDB, SWAPDB or RANDOMKEY that work on specific databases.

In practical terms, Redis databases should mainly used in order to, if needed, separate different keys belonging to the same application, and not in order to use a single Redis instance for multiple unrelated applications.

When using Redis Cluster, the SELECT command cannot be used, since Redis Cluster only supports database zero. In the case of Redis Cluster, having multiple databases would be useless, and a worthless source of complexity, because anyway commands operating atomically on a single database would not be possible with the Redis Cluster design and goals.

Since the currently selected database is a property of the connection, clients should track the currently selected database and re-select it on reconnection. While there is no command in order to query the selected database in the current connection, the CLIENT LIST output shows, for each client, the currently selected database.

Return value

Simple string reply

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