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ReQL command: connect

Command syntax

r.connect(options) → connection


Create a new connection to the database server. The keyword arguments are:

  • host: host of the RethinkDB instance. The default value is localhost.
  • port: the driver port, by default 28015.
  • db: the database used if not explicitly specified in a query, by default test.
  • user: the user account to connect as (default admin).
  • password: the password for the user account to connect as (default '', empty).
  • timeout: timeout period in seconds for the connection to be opened (default 20).
  • ssl: a hash of options to support SSL connections (default None). Currently, there is only one option available, and if the ssl option is specified, this key is required:
    • ca_certs: a path to the SSL CA certificate.

If the connection cannot be established, a ReqlDriverError exception will be thrown.

Using SSL with RethinkDB requires proxy software on the server, such as Nginx, HAProxy or an SSL tunnel. RethinkDB will encrypt traffic and verify the CA certification to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Consult your proxy’s documentation for more details.

Alternatively, you may use RethinkDB’s built-in TLS support.

The RethinkDB Python driver includes support for asynchronous connections using Tornado and Twisted. Read the asynchronous connections documentation for more information.

Note: Currently, the Python driver is not thread-safe. Each thread or multiprocessing PID should be given its own connection object. (This is likely to change in a future release of RethinkDB; you can track issue #2427 for progress.)

Example: Open a connection using the default host and port, specifying the default database.

conn = r.connect(db='marvel')

Example: Open a new connection to the database.

conn = r.connect(host='localhost',

Example: Open a new connection to the database, specifying a user/password combination for authentication.

conn = r.connect(host='localhost',

Example: Open a new connection to the database using an SSL proxy.

conn = r.connect(host='localhost',
                 ssl={'ca_certs': '/path/to/ca.crt'})

Example: Use a with statement to open a connection and pass it to a block. Using this style, the connection will be automatically closed when execution reaches the end of the block.

with r.connect(db='marvel') as conn:

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