/Ruby 2.7

module Bundler::BuildMetadata

Represents metadata from when the Bundler gem was built.

Public Class Methods

built_at() Show source
# File lib/bundler/build_metadata.rb, line 20
def self.built_at
  @built_at ||= Time.now.utc.strftime("%Y-%m-%d").freeze

A string representing the date the bundler gem was built.

git_commit_sha() Show source
# File lib/bundler/build_metadata.rb, line 25
def self.git_commit_sha
  return @git_commit_sha if instance_variable_defined? :@git_commit_sha

  # If Bundler has been installed without its .git directory and without a
  # commit instance variable then we can't determine its commits SHA.
  git_dir = File.join(File.expand_path("../../..", __FILE__), ".git")
  if File.directory?(git_dir)
    return @git_commit_sha = Dir.chdir(git_dir) { `git rev-parse --short HEAD`.strip.freeze }

  # If Bundler is a submodule in RubyGems, get the submodule commit
  git_sub_dir = File.join(File.expand_path("../../../..", __FILE__), ".git")
  if File.directory?(git_sub_dir)
    return @git_commit_sha = Dir.chdir(git_sub_dir) do
      `git ls-tree --abbrev=8 HEAD bundler`.split(/\s/).fetch(2, "").strip.freeze

  @git_commit_sha ||= "unknown"

The SHA for the git commit the bundler gem was built from.

release?() Show source
# File lib/bundler/build_metadata.rb, line 47
def self.release?

Whether this is an official release build of Bundler.

to_h() Show source
# File lib/bundler/build_metadata.rb, line 11
def self.to_h
    "Built At" => built_at,
    "Git SHA" => git_commit_sha,
    "Released Version" => release?,

A hash representation of the build metadata.

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