/Ruby 2.7

module Syslog::Macros

Public Class Methods

included(p1) Show source
static VALUE mSyslogMacros_included(VALUE mod, VALUE target)
    rb_extend_object(target, mSyslogMacros);
    return mod;

Public Instance Methods

LOG_MASK(priority_level) → priority_mask Show source
static VALUE mSyslogMacros_LOG_MASK(VALUE mod, VALUE pri)
    return INT2FIX(LOG_MASK(NUM2INT(pri)));

Generates a mask bit for a priority level. See mask=

LOG_UPTO(priority_level) → priority_mask Show source
static VALUE mSyslogMacros_LOG_UPTO(VALUE mod, VALUE pri)
    return INT2FIX(LOG_UPTO(NUM2INT(pri)));

Generates a mask value for priority levels at or below the level specified. See mask=

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